Adventures of the Early Ooters

Thursday, 27 February 2020

Cumbrae 26 February

Alan, Allan, Davie C, Dougie, Gus, Hugh, Ian, Jim, Johnny, Kenny R, Kenny T, Malcolm, Paul, Rex, Robert

Kenny was too busy with Freya
After the wet, windy and wintry conditions of the last few weeks the forecast was for a good weather window for our walk around Cumbrae. However, as we left the cars and walked to the ferry terminal the skies darkened and a heavy, sleety shower arrived, and we feared the worst. The optimists took faith in the forecast and they were proved right, as the rest of the day was bright and sunny, perfect for walking.
At the terminal we saw a sign about the ferry and thought initially there was going to be an issue but it transpired that one of the loading ramps was broken meaning that cars had to drive on and do a u-turn on board whilst larger vehicles had to reverse on, and that before reaching the slipways the ferry had to do an about turn.
No matter, we reached Cumbrae at half past ten and set off in an anti-clockwise direction in surprisingly calm conditions. Kenny T had brought Freya for a walk, or was it Freya who had brought Kenny?, as she was desperate to get off the lead.  Not all was well with our dog community however, as we commiserated with Davie over the loss of his dog at the weekend. Today, obviously, was a road walk and, given how sodden the ground is, it may be a week or two yet before we venture on paths and open country.
Fintry Bay was reached after an hour and coffee was taken at the picnic area. Ten minutes later we were on our way again with great views of Arran, resplendent in snow. We thought we could see Davie Mc and Holly half-way up Goatfell, but then again, maybe not! As we were turning towards Millport at the bottom of the island the wind suddenly increased, or maybe we had just been sheltered thus far, but within ten minutes all was calm again.
Most took lunch in the café at the Garrison where discussion took place as to what next. Kenny T and Jim decided on taking the bus back to the ferry as the wee dog had done enough for the day. A few others thought that this was a good idea but, given the good conditions, were coaxed in to walking back. Seven took Ferry Road whilst the remaining six decided to go up to the Glaid Stone and down from there.
All thirteen made it to the slip for the quarter past two ferry and then to a relatively quiet Wetherspoon’s for FRT and chips.
A grand day out!

Off the lead at last!

Coffee stop

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Millport walk

 Here we have a few photographs from our winter walk round Millport.

Arrangements for Wed 4th March

Meet around 10.00a.m. at Rex Porter’s house. The plan is to walk around Ayr as far as is suitable considering the weather. Afterwards the plan is to enjoy some lunch of pies and participate in a pool competition. Bring your own beer or soft drinks.

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Castle Semple and Howwood 19 February

Alan, Allan, Billy, Davie C, Dougie, Gus, Hugh, Iain, Ian, Kenny R, Malcolm, Paul, Rex

Storms Ciara and Dennis had come and gone but the forecast today was still for rain from about 11 o’clock, so we were champing at the bit to get started, only to get a phone call from the Prestwick/Ayr contingent to say that they would be delayed. And the reason… they had been too busy talking in the car, missed the Kilwinning turn-aff (another one of a certain Ooter’s conquests?) and ended up heading for Largs. Some mothers do ‘ave ‘em!
Anyway, they were only five minutes late in arriving, so it was about ten past ten by the time we set off, just as the first spots of rain appeared. Taking the lochside path to begin with. we made our way in a clockwise direction with the waters of Castle Semple Loch lapping at our feet on certain sections. Soon, however, we were on the cycle path and heading straight for the cut-off to the folly. By the time we got there, the rain was persistent, and Malcolm and Allan decided to deviate from the walk and simply walk along the cycle track for a bit, leaving the rest to continue on their way.
The ‘less than dynamic’ duo had walked for about an hour and ten minutes before turning back and making for the visitors centre. The rain was relentless by this time and they were very happy to find the warmth and shelter of the centre to get changed and then to have their lunch and a coffee. They decided to head for home just after one and, on reaching the big roundabout, passed the rather drookit eleven making their way back to the cars. They had made good time with your scribe surmising that they hadn’t stopped for very long, if at all.

For the record, the eleven who completed the circuit were fairly drookit but not totally.  Coffee was taken in the shelter on the platform at Howwood station whilst lunch was consumed in similar surroundings at Lochwinnoch station.  Those for whom the snowdrops were a new experienced appeared somewhat underwhelmed by the sight - takes all sorts I suppose.

A convivial hour was spent in the Brown Bull in Lochwinnoch. The beer was good, the hostess was welcoming and Davie got a free half pint. - Paul

Arrangements for 26 February

Meet up in Largs in time for the 10.15 ferry to Cumbrae.  The plan is to walk in an anti-clockwise direction 😲.

Lunch at the Garrison for those that way inclined.