Adventures of the Early Ooters

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Some images from the Cumnock to Barony A frame walk

Taps Aff! 18 April (Cumnock to A-Frame)

Alan, Allan, Davie C, Davie Mc, Dougie, Gus, Jim, Jimmy, Johnny, Kenny T, Malcolm, Paul, Rex, Robert

There was a very healthy turnout at the Cumnock Swimming Pool car park prior to our journey up Glen Afton for the Four Tops walk i.e. Blackcraig. Blacklorg etc. However, for a variety of reasons, Allan, Davie Mc, Jimmy, Johnny, Malcolm and Robert decided that a shorter low-level walk would suffice, and so they set off for Dumfries House and Ochiltree, whilst the rest headed off for the hills. The weather was overcast, with a hint of moisture, but the forecast had predicted an ever-improving scenario.
Following the Lugar, the six reached the estate in jig time and made their way up to the café at Dumfries House for scones and coffee, as had been previously decided. On reaching the entrance to the café they were dumbfounded to see the rest of the guys making their way in. The weather up the glen had been so bad – low mist, rain, and wind - that they had decided that discretion was the better part of valour and had returned to join us.
After a leisurely coffee break, the returnees got changed and joined the walk up to the Barony A-Frame, a traditional lunch spot. Although parts of the route were muddy, they were not as bad as we have seen them and certainly not as bad as last week. The weather by this time was brighter and warmer, although there was a fair wind blowing, not an issue for those who managed to get a seat in the wee shelter for lunch.
Not as dramatic as Paul's pic
The next debate was where to go now. The majority wanted to continue to Ochiltree and get the bus back, but a few wished to return the way they came, since their cars were parked at Dumfries House. Rather than have a schism, it was decided, in the interests of harmony, that we would stick together and retrace our steps. The original six left the guys to admire the grounds of the estate whilst they completed the round trip back to Cumnock.
The day had taken an unexpected turn with those doing the shorter walk walking further (just over eight miles) than those who wished the bigger walk, having been on the go for the best part of four hours.
FRT was taken in the Black Bull in Mauchline where Davie C treated us to the first round in celebration of his eldest daughter’s recent marriage.. Thanks, Davie, and we are pleased that everything went well. We were also treated to sausage rolls and pizza in the Bull. Thanks again!
This turned out to be a three-day pint, or whatever! A good day out.

18 April - Dumfries House

Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Arrangements for Wed 25 April

Meet at Glasgow Concert Hall 10:00 for 10:30 start. Walk is along the canal to Kirkintilloch where there is a possibility of a lunch at Wetherspoons. Bring sandwiches just in case.