About the Early Ooters

It all started in 2005 when 3 teachers retired from a certain secondary school in darkest Ayrshire.

Bob, Davie and Peter met up to do the Muirkirk to Sanquhar walk together. Davie's cousin Jimmy, plus Bob's pals Rex and Johnnie soon joined them and the Wednesday walk became a regular feature of retirement, maybe even the highlight of the week.

After a while the name the "Early Ooters" was coined since they all got oot of teaching early.

Davie kept a note of all the walks they did and gave them marks out of 10,  much dependent on the weather conditions, conditions underfoot, the views and the quality of the pint.

Jimmy had started to write reports about the walks and the blog was set up in 2007 to have a dynamic and easily accessible record of the walks.

Over the years as more former colleagues and friends retired the group has grown considerably and all but 3  are former teachers who enjoy the exercise but mainly the banter and the FRT (fluid replacement therapy) in the pub at the end.

The only female allowed is Holly, Davie's dog, since she doesn't mind the rude language and is pretty good at finding the path.


Neogen said...


We came across your blog while looking for images of Auchincruive Estate which is home to our European Headquarters. I'm interested in using one of your pictures of Oswald Hall for commercial purposes if possible.

Would you be able to contact me at marketing@neogeneurope.com.



Kay said...

Thank you for your comment.
It being a Wednesday, the ooters are all out walking today.
Can you give me the link to the photo as I can’t find it and I’ll try and work out which ooter took it.

Neogen said...



We would be more than happy to credit the photographer on our material.

IAN WILSON said...

Where did you lot disappear to! You were at least 20 mins ahead of us crossing the dam but when we got back to Wanlochead your cars were still there.

IAN Strathaven Climbing Club

Kay said...

Ian, photographic evidence here http://earlyooters.blogspot.co.uk/2015/02/wanlockhead-walk.html