Thursday, 29 January 2015

Burns Supper 2015

We did it again!  I'm certain Burns would have enjoyed the night. It is a night that succeeds because, down to the last man, everyone contributes. If we are spared, Gus has taken on the mantle to lead us in 2016.  Good man!

Bus pass FOUND.  I had dropped my wallet off my bedside cabinet and had not noticed that 3 cards had escaped.   It took 18 hours of mind searching to remember that I had dropped my wallet there.  This thought dawned as I was wakening 0730 this morning.  Thought then to stretch round to look under the bed.  I was so pleased. There it was.  Faith restored.  Not so much the old duffer .... yet!

As well as a healthy kitty the Ooters are acquiring a whisky collection.

Irvine to Barassie 28 January

Alan, Allan, Davie C, Gus, Jimmy, Johnny, Kenny, Paul, Rex, Robert

We left Johnny’s at 10 o’clock and headed down through the town towards the Magnum. It had been decided to walk to Troon and get the bus back, as this would mean that the wind would be behind us. Given the wintry conditions we took the option not to walk along the beach but follow the cycle path alongside the beach park and up to the Gailes Hotel passing, as we did, Gailes Marshes wildlife site, which interested our ornithologists.
From here, the path was followed over the dual carriageway and we weaved our way through the Shewalton Wood and past the paper mill. When we emerged back at the main road at Barassie, and found a bus stop, it was noted that a bus was due so we decided to terminate the walk there and head back to Irvine, thus giving Johnny time to set up his big room for the evening festivities. Because of the continuing road works, we had longer to wait than anticipated giving Johnny a chance to find out that he had lost his bus pass!
As the guys left the bus at Irvine Mall they were hit with a sudden hail storm and were glad to seek shelter in Wetherspoon’s for some FRT. Johnny and Allan had stayed on the bus and went up the road to prepare.
All in all, by some good decision-making, not like us, and some luck with the weather, we got some decent exercise.

Fourth Annual Burns Supper
This was an excellent night, thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Many thanks to all involved, in whatever way, and particularly to Johnny for his hospitality and hard work.

Friday, 23 January 2015

28th January - Walk & Burns Supper

To  recap.
The Walk
0930 - 1000  Gather at Bank Street drop off food stuffs etc. Bus to Brassie Beach and Walk back to Bank Street - Possibly stop by Weatherspoons for a refreshment

As previously
Burn Night Programme

1800 – 1830 The Gathering
1830 – 1930 The Meal
1930 – 2020 The Immortal Memory – Readings and Songs
2030 – 2120 The Toast to the Lassies – Readings and Songs
2130 – 2230 The Toast to the Drouthy Ooters – Readings and Songs
2300 - Carriages 

Any better halves performing taxi duties are welcome to arrive early and join Helen and Barbara  in front room for coffee/tea ..  whatever!


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Portencross 21 January 2015

Alan, Allan, Andy, Davie C, Davie Mc, Gus, Kenny, Johnny, Rex, Robert

It was third week lucky for our attempt to do this familiar walk. The gales and rain of the previous weeks had given way to snow and frost but, as we left the car park and headed, wait for it, clockwise, there was little snow on the path and overhead conditions were dry although a bit raw.
The track past the castle and up to the power station was muddy in places as the snow and ice had melted, but, all in all, the walking conditions were much better than anticipated. Up the hill behind the oldest of the stations we could see the steelwork of a massive shed being constructed as, we think, part of on-going works for a new interconnector. It is at times like this that you miss Ian as he could have provided chapter and verse as to the technicalities involved.
Coffee was taken on the foreshore just prior to the path we take to head inland. Most of the guys who had donned yaktraks at the start of the walk decided, at this point, that they weren’t needed and removed them. We took the walkway/cycle track/bridle path up to the main road before heading up towards Thirdpart Holdings again commenting on the new temporary roads that had been built over the fields to cater for construction traffic. On the pot-holed track back to the Portencross Road we stopped for lunch at a derelict building and sat inside on dwarf walls (no comments about Davie please) for sandwiches and banter.
We were back at the cars for one o’clock, bade farewell to Andy and Kenny, and headed for our usual howff after this walk, i.e. the Lauriston in Saltcoats. Much to our consternation, we discovered that the public bar does not open until 2p.m. these days, and having decided that the alternative of having a drink in the restaurant wasn’t quite what we were looking for, we headed to Wetherspoon’s in Irvine, aka The Auld Brig. Here we met members of the Cunninghame Ramblers, some of whom were known to us (for a variety of reasons), and swapped information about our groups. We wish them well for the future.
A good day out for our first walk of the year!