Thursday, 26 November 2015

Durrisdeer, 25 November - Kenny R's photos

Durisdeer 25 November

Alan S, Allan, Davie Mc, Gus, Jimmy, Johnny, Kenny R, Paul, Rex, Robert

It was disappointingly wet as we met up at Cumnock but, since the forecast was good, the walk at Durisdeer was agreed on, and we made our way down there in improving conditions. Setting off from our usual parking spot in the village at 10 o’clock in dry, bright, but cool conditions we took the familiar path up to Kettleton Bothy taking delight in the kites* and buzzards that were flying above us.  The bothy was reached in thirty-five minutes, maybe a record, and maybe due to the snell wind that blew us up the track.
Time for a view stop
After coffee we continued on to the highest point where excellent views were achieved in the clear conditions. As we descended we noted Drumlanrig in the far distance and Morton Castle closer by. The leading group spotted that it would be possible to head over the hill to the castle and save some time on the walk, although this would be new ground for us. After some discussion, Alan, Jimmy, Paul, Rex and Robert, the famous five, headed off overland whilst the rest of us made our way down to the road and onwards to our lunch stop on firm ground. Davie was suffering from a sore foot, hence his decision to take the road, but speedy progress was made to meet up with the adventuresome five who had arrived at the castle some twenty minutes before and had encountered no problems on their journey.
Decision time about the direct route
The five boys, remember the chocolate?, had already had their lunch, so little time was spent here, but as we gathered ourselves together Jimmy suggested taking the Morton Nature Trail from the castle down to the road. Kenny joined the fabulous five to make the sexy six, aye right!, and they took the trail whilst the feisty four continued on the familiar road. It has to be said the Holly did not accompany Davie today but took the decision to go with the other group, much more to her liking!
Morton Castle
As the four made their way down the road, note was taken of the trees being felled leaving a lovely fresh smell of freshly cut timber. Eventually the four were joined by Holly who had no doubt sensed our presence, and had run ahead of her new chums to meet up with Davie again. By this time Davie was really struggling and was falling further and further behind, but he had now got Holly on the lead to pull him along.
Allan, Gus and Johnny were back at the cars at five minutes to two, with the group who had made the wee diversion five minutes behind.
A good walk in good conditions followed up by FRT at The Crown in Sanquhar!
*Kites, recorded by Simon Dupree and the Big Sound, made no 9 in the charts in 1967 – if anyone is interested.

Some more pictures of interest from yesterday

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Irvine 18 November

Alan, Allan, Davie C, Davie Mc, Gus, Jimmy, Johnny, Malcolm, Paul, Peter, Rex, Robert

It was raining as we took coffee and scones at Johnny’s prior to a local Irvine walk. The forecast promised a dry spell later in the morning but, as we prepared to move off, the heavens opened, so our departure was delayed for a wee while. Given the incessant rain of the last few days it had been decided to avoid the paths of Eglinton Park and go for a walk mainly on paved areas, so the route was to be down to the beach and take stock there. As we emerged from the mall the rain was easing and by the time we reached the HAC it was off. Time was taken there to inspect the exhibition of sleeve art (album covers) before having a nosey round the art studios in the nearby courtyard.
Given the improving, but bracing, weather conditions, we decided to walk along the beach to the dragon before turning off there and heading for the path through the industrial estate. In the shelter of the dunes, the conditions became remarkably pleasant and by the time we had walked up to Harry Fairbairn’s the sun was breaking through. Walking over the new ‘Bailey Bridge’ we continued straight on and continued up through the town to Johnny’s.
The walk had taken two and a half hours, there or thereabouts, and turned out to be much better than anyone could have expected given the conditions when we left.
Thanks to Gus for providing the soup and Alan for the bread, but most thanks go to Johnny for hosting us and providing the pies as well as the aforementioned coffee and scones, not to mention the array of beers.
Another good day out!

Sunday, 15 November 2015

13 days apart

Cora Linn near New Lanark

2 November

15  November

18th Nov Walk/Fest - Arrangements

Hi All,
0945 - 1030 Gather Chez Moi for coffee/tea/scones
1030 - 1230/1330 A 2 or 3 hour local walk (depending on conditions/appetite)
The afternoon session will start when we return.
Gus will provide soup, Alan St.will provide bread, I will provide brews and pies.
There are crisps/nuts left over from Rex's pool day. With this in mind you should
not need to provide yourself with too much lunch(if any).  The usual contribution
to the kitty (excepting the aforementioned three).  This should offset some of our
Christmas expenses.  Any indicators about numbers on the day will aid appropriate
provisioning.  Usual departure times.
           Look forward to seeing you All

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Seamill to Fairlie close to Largs 11 Nov

Alan S, Alan W, Allan, Davie C, Davie Mc, Gus, Ian, Jimmy, Johnny, Kenny R, Kenny T, Malcolm, Paul, Rex

There was a good turnout as we assembled at the car park adjacent to the beach in Seamill for our walk to Largs. After the recent rains, the forecast had been for a dry morning and early afternoon with rain again arriving about two o’clock, so we wasted little time in getting started along the coastal path. Before too long we had passed the golf course and whereas a few of us took the sensible route of going up to meet the tarmac for the journey down to Portencross Castle, the majority, led by he who must remain nameless, decided to go straight on. Before very long it became clear that this did not provide easy walking, so the main group had to trek across the glaur of the fields, and worse, to regain the road.
As we continued past the castle and along to our traditional stopping point on the rocks at Hunterston for coffee, Alan W and his big dug, Oscar, turned back to meet up with his wife. 
There was moisture in the air as we set off down past the power station noting that the area was a hive of activity with engineers, workmen and large trucks in abundance. By the time we were close to the main road the rain was on for real and was to remain so until we reached the picnic tables on the outskirts of Fairlie. Although it was still raining a decision was made to take lunch here. Allan and Johnny however decided that they would forego this ‘pleasure’ and continued along the path into Fairlie before cutting up to the A78 and following it, in the pouring rain, down to the bus stop at the bowling club. Here they dried off, had lunch and waited for the rest to catch up.
When they did arrive the decision was made, after some debate, to curtail the walk here and take the next bus back to Seamill and the cars.
Seamill was a bit drier and Irvine, where we partook of FRT at Wetherspoon’s, was dry, but as we looked back up the coast, the Largs area was obscured by rain clouds. This had been the fourth walk in a row in dreich conditions, hopefully our luck will turn soon.
The walk itself had taken a tad over three hours and we spent another hour and a half in The Auld Brig. Davie Mc was still recovering from his bug and was keen to tell us that he had not had an alcoholic drink in ten days as he ordered up a soft drink. When Davie C told him that there was an Arran Blonde downstairs for £2 he retorted that he had not paid for sex in his life and wouldn’t start now, but when it was pointed out that, as with most things in this pub, it came with a complimentary drink, he relented*.
Davie C continues on his health-related alcohol-free journey and was most gracious in his praise for his fellow Ooters. What is it they say… abstinence makes the heart grow fonder?
*Kay knows we are only joking…there was no free pint!

Thursday, 5 November 2015

Ardrossan to Irvine 4 November

Alan S, Alan W, Allan, Davie C, Gus, Johnny, Kenny R, Malcolm, Paul, Rex, Robert

It was a dreich morning as we set off from Asda’s cafĂ© in Ardrossan taking our usual route towards Irvine. By the time we got to the south side of Saltcoats we could see that major repairs were being made to the sea defences and that our way ahead was blocked. No problem though, as we followed the diversion on to the main road before cutting back over to the football ground and continuing through Sandylands and over the railway footbridge to rejoin our chosen route. By this time waterproofs had been well removed as the smir had dried up.
Good progress was made to our normal coffee/lunch spot on Dubbs Road between Stevenston and Kilwinning. We didn’t delay, however, as the smir/drizzle returned just as we were settling down, so it was weatherproofs back on before following the path through the outskirts of Kilwinning and on to Irvine Moor. Approaching the old Irvine Royal building we took the right fork to the Low Green and over the footbridge to head straight for Wetherspoon’s where a relaxing and convivial hour and a half was spent enjoying FRT.
(Three and a half hours for those interested)

Sunday, 1 November 2015

This Wednesday - November Fest - Postponement

Just arrived back from cottage (1400 Sunday, 1stNov) to find a notice from the waterboard that water supply will be cut off Wed and Thursday of the coming week between 0800 and 2000. Suggest proposed walk but end up in Weatherspoons and find an altenative date for the Fest when we meet on Wednesday.
Please inform our i-illiterate brothers of this adjustment in plans.