Friday, 29 December 2017

Ness Glen 27 December

Alan McQ, Allan, Davie C, Davie Mc, Ian, Jimmy, Robert

Seven Ooters took the opporchancity to work off the excesses of Christmas by meeting up at Dalmellington on a bright, but cold, late December morning. The journey down had been challenging due to the low sun and dirty windscreens, which had not been cleared due to washers being frozen, but spirits were high as this was the perfect day for our Ness Glen walk.
Crossing the main road, we turned right into the Promised Land and followed the Muck up to our next stretch of tarmac. The going was good underfoot, and above, a wonderful blue sky. We crossed the Doon at the wooden footbridge and set off up towards Dalcairney, or is it Dalcairnie? The road surface was good with only a few, small sections affected by ice, and before long Dalcirney Linn was reached. Jimmy, Alan and Ian had approached the waterfall from below, whereas the rest had just followed the road. Coffee was called for, but a decision had been made, let’s say by the dug, to have our break at the bench further up, offering us fine views back over Bogton Loch and beyond and round towards Bellsbank.
With the ground being solid, the next leg down to the road  to Craigengillen was easy and we were thankful that we did not have to negotiate the mud which would have been the norm in milder conditions. Craigengillen was soon passed and as we headed down to the start of the gorge we decided to go low up the gorge and come down the high route. Thankfully, the going up the gorge was, in the main, easy, as the path was still soft and afforded good grip. However, the wooden walkways were treacherous and great care had to be taken whilst traversing them, Fortunately, leaves had accumulated at the sides of these wee bridges and these were used to gain grip whilst holding on to the guard rails.
Wee Davie and his escorts, Jimmy, Ian and Allan, reached the dam five minutes or so behind the others, and found the three amigos on the rocks on the promontory out onto the Loch Doon. Lunch was taken here, but we didn’t delay as it was decidedly cool on this exposed position, particularly as backs, damp with sweat, were getting cold.
Returning by the higher route, passing Fort Carrick and the remains of Tracey’s bench, we were back at the footbridge at the foot of the gorge after half an hour and were pleased to see estate workers repairing it at last. We left them to their task and crossed at the wooden road bridge before heading along the track and eventually on to the road which took us back to the cars. This last wee bit along the tarmac always seems to take an age, particularly as we didn’t stop at the benches, a regular stop when we start this walk form Loch Doon.
Our walk had taken four hours and twenty minutes and was between nine and ten miles. FRT was taken at the Dalmellington Inn where there were just as many soft drinks as alcoholic ones.
A cracking day out!


Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Some images of the walk through the Ness Glen featuring Alan McQ, Allan, Davie C,
Davie McM, Ian, Jimmy and Robert.

    Setting off alongside the Muck Water on a cold and frosty morning
    Footbridge across the River Doon near Bogton Loch
    Holly at Dalcairnie Linn
     Cold out of the sun

    On the main drive to Craigengillan House
    In the Ness Glen
    View down Loch Doon

    Heading back to Dalmellington


    Robert unwraps Alan McQ's Christmas gift to the Ooters. What could it be?
    It's a wee book detailing 40 walks within Ayrshire!

some pictures from the Ness Glen walk

Arrangements for Wednesday 3rd January 2018

Meet at the town green in Maybole at 10:00am for the 10:12am bus to Maidens.
10 mile walk back to Maybole via Culzean Country Park and Mochrum Hill.

In the event of a poor forecast, meet at the activity centre in Tarbolton (behind the Spar shop in Montgomerie Street) at 10:00am for a 10 mile low-level walk through the Tarbolton Woods and Failford Gorge.

Check blog on the night before to find out which walk will be undertaken.

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Christmas night out 20 December

Alan McQ, Alan, Allan, Davie C, Davie Mc, Dougie, Gus, Ian, Jim, Jimmy, Johnny, Kenny T, Malcolm, Peter, Rex, Robert

Our Christmas day out comes but once a year and so it came to pass that this year a bifurcation was announced and , by decree, Alan, Allan, Davie C, Dougie, Ian, Johnny, Malcolm, Rex and Robert made their way to Oran Mor for the annual play, pint and panto (Cinderella 2: I Married A Numpty, Dave Anderson was back but nae George Drennan), whilst the remainder headed for Davie’s house in Darvel for a valley walk.
The panto was up to its usual standard and was thoroughly enjoyed before the group headed back to Kilmarnock, to Wetherspoon’s and then to the Jewel in the Crown to meet up with the walkers whose five-mile walk had somehow become a ten-miler. Alan McQ joined us there having sought early release from the chalk face (or whatever!). We were well looked after by the staff, and the food was excellent.
However, all good things come to an end, and by about six fifteen it was time to wander back to Wetherspoon’s and to Alan McQ’s quiz. Well done to Alan for gaining a semblance of order whilst the questions were being asked – imagine trying to teach a class full of Ooters, it would drive you into early retirement!
A great day out!

A Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to our reader!!

Paul couldn’t join us as he had the dreaded lurgy. We did think about you Paul, but not for long.
At the table, there was a lot of noise, as per usual, leading to Malcolm and Jim gloating in the fact that they thought they heard that Jesus was born a Ranger. It can be exclusively revealed, guys, that he was in fact born in a manger. If you insert the ‘a’ into ‘manger’ you get manager, but the guys don’t know what a manager is!
Meanwhile, at the other end of the table, our Hearts went out to Robert (aye, right!) who said he had some fourboding about the result.

The staff at the jewel in the Crown don't look too traumatised!

Blog post by Allan

Christmas Curry Photographs