Monday, 31 December 2007

Favourite Pub

Well done Kay. Great idea - the blog!
A very important part of the day out is spending a quality hour in a local pub usually at the end of the walk. Chat to put the world to rights and a thirst quenching pint - canne beat it. The Sun Inn in Cumnock is up there as one of the better establishments we have visited on a Wednesday afternoon.
It is getting harder to find a village pub open in the afternoon - shame.
What I have here is a spot the pub exercise!
Clue - it was one of the most luxurious - leather chairs, pleasant bar staff.

The Tale of a Particular Walk

14 November Loch Bradon
Alan, Bob, Davie, Jimmy, Johnny, Paul, Rex & Robert
Overcast with a threat of rain. Sunny spells later
“There’s a path right round the loch”, said he who knows these things. Why we believed him is difficult to say, but we did.
We left the cars in the car park at Stinchar bridge and followed the tarmac toward the loch. When the tarmac ran out we took the forest road to the picnic spot overlooking the loch and had elevenses. Johnny discovered the end of his walking pole was missing but he reckoned that he would not need it for there was a path right round the loch and the going would be easy.
We definitely looked for the path going round the loch. We did! There was none! Why do we do listen to each other? We ended up slipping and slithering over greasy boulders or struggling through thigh-high, tussocky grass and heather. Still it was only about miles and miles and miles (250 metres). I am sorry to say that some muttering and mumbling was heard then. Eventually we found the forest road and all was sweetness and light again. We followed the road to the first dam. Some of us managed the climb on to the dam and crossed this. The faint of heart took the road. East of the first Dam the road petered out and a path took us to the side of the water again. Had lunch here while Johnny exhibited his old cricket skills by constantly throwing a stick into the loch for holly to retrieve. After three 'overs' both were beginning to flag.
After the peece, the path took us to the second dam. Those who saw the gap in the dam kept to the road, the other two decided to cross the dam. Did we tell them? We waited at the other end of the dam for the two of them to retrace their steps and come by the road. We found the path round the south side of the loch and the racers took off. The sensible amongst us took their time. Came together at the tarmac. Walking back along the tarmac Johnny’s missing part was found so we all returned to the cars happy - kn*****ed but happy
A grand day out and worth repeating.

Thursday, 27 December 2007

Pictures of Glenkiln walk

Here are some pictures I found of the Glenkiln walk.

If only Rex had the same agility as the others!!!

Happy New Year when it comes.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Cumbrae/White Laggan/Corserine photos

I think I was the only one with a camera for the Cumbrae cycle circumnavigation, so here are a couple of photos for the archive:

A few photos from the White Laggan Bothy and Corserine walks can be viewed here

Merry Christmas to each and every one of you.

Look forward to another outing in the New Year.


Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Day out in Glasgow

Parked at back of Botanic Gardens and walked along the River Kelvin (goosanders) to the aqueduct, turned left and walked along the canal as far as Lock 27 pub. Retraced our steps to Maryhill Docks and saw the lock system walked as far east beyond Stockingfield Junction to Murano Street, down to Maryhill Road to the Botanic Gardens.
Had curry in the Ashoka in Ashton Lane off Byres Road washed down by Indian beer.
Back through the Botanic Gardens. Toured the Kibble Palace and admired the impressive orchid collection.
Weather was cold and frosty.
Participants David, Jimmy, Paul, Bob, Peter and Johnnie.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Knock Hill, Largs

Wednesday 12 December 2007
Following scones at Johnnie's we parked at Gogo Burn in Largs and walked along the seafront past Nether Hall home of Lord Kelvin. Scaled Knock Hill. Bob made his own way back (=went off on his own)!

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Where are the other Ooters? Are they not early? Come on guys post some messages and get the blog interesting.

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Davie's top walks

  1. the Rhinns of Kells
  2. pic del Madres
  3. pic du Rousillon
  4. Ness Glen, Bogton Loch, Dalcairney Linn

Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Monday, 10 December 2007

Good idea

Hi Kay,
Good idea to start the blog. Will contribute when I have a moment.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Photos from the French week 2007


Walks so far!

5-Dec-07 Greenock Brig - Catrine 4 hrs
28-Nov-07 Irvine - Troon 2 hours
21-Nov-07 Falls of Clyde 3h15
14-Nov-07 Loch Bradan 16.6 km 4h15
7-Nov-07 Ness Glen - Bogton Loch - Dalcairney Linn 3h40
3-Nov-07 cross country to Céret, home
2-Nov-07 Banyuls, Port Vendres walk
1-Nov-07 Sournia, barrage, Eus
31-Oct-07 pic del Madres 2130m
30-Oct-07 Prades, Villefranche, l'Abbaye, col de Mantet 1730m
29-Oct-07 high walk pic du Rousillon
28-Oct-07 valley walk Molitg and Campôme
27-Oct-07 Mosset
24-Oct-07 Failford Gorge - Stair 3 hrs
10-Oct-07 Rhinns of Kells 7 hours 24 km
3-Oct-07 Twechar, Antonine Wall and canal 4 hrs
26-Sep-07 Scaur Valley 3 1/4 hours
19-Sep-07 Beinn an Dothaidh 4 1/2 hours
12-Sep-07 Arran : Glens Sannox and Rosa 4 1/2 hours
5-Sep-07 Darvel - Eaglesham 19km 4 3/4 hours
29-Aug-07 Corserine from Forrest Lodge
22-Aug-07 Blackcraig 4 tops i5 hours
15-Aug-07 cycle Cumbrae 15.2 miles
8-Aug-07 Dailly walk 4 hours
18-Jul-07 Mauchline Gorge 4 hours
11-Jul-07 Loch Trool - Loch Dee (white Laggan Bothy)
4-Jul-07 Darvel mast - Galston - Strath
27-Jun-07 Blacksidend
20-Jun-07 Kilmarnock - Fenwick
5-Jun-07 Ness Glen - Bogton Loch - Dalcairney Falls
30-May-07 Blanefield - Dumgoyne
23-May-07 Aisla Craig by boat
16-May-07 Kelvingrove Art Gallery
9-May-07 Cycle Ayr - Girvan, train back
2-May-07 Ness Glen - Bogton Loch - Dalcairney Falls
25-Apr-07 Cycle Abington - Leadhills - Elvanfoot- Crawford
18-Apr-07 Cock of Arran
28-Mar-07 Cumbrae Glaidstone
21-Mar-07 Cycle Ayr - Auchincruive
13-Mar-07 Bein Ime
7-Mar-07 Merrick
28-Feb-07 Kelvingrove Art Gallery and café India
21-Feb-07 cycle Lochwinnoch - Paisley Canal
14-Feb-07 Glenkiln Sculptures
7-Feb-07 Tinto Hill
31-Jan-07 Windy Standard
24-Jan-07 Irvine - troon, Wee Hurrie fish supper
20-Dec-06 Dumfries House, Cumnock
13-Dec-06 River Lugar walk
6-Dec-06 Edinburgh, Arthur's seat and art gallery
29-Nov-06 Irvine Walk
22-Nov-06 Catrine walk
7-Nov-06 Prades market and home
6-Nov-06 le Massif du Canigou
5-Nov-06 l'Abbaye de St Martin du Canigou
4-Nov-06 Mosset hill walk
3-Nov-06 Villefranche, Fort Liberia, lake walk
2-Nov-06 Collioure - Port Vendres walk
1-Nov-06 Compôme valley walk
31-Oct-06 flight to Girona
25-Oct-06 Cycle Linlithgow - Falkirk Wheel
17-Oct-06 Clatteringshaws Loch
11-Oct-06 Kelvingrove Art Gallery and café India
4-Oct-06 Darvel Loudoun Hill (reverse of previous walk
27-Sep-06 Muirkirk - Glenbuck
13-Sep-06 Cairntable Hill to Glenbuck Loch
6-Sep-06 Greenock Cut
30-Aug-06 old village of Woodhead and Coran of Portmark
23-Aug-06 Rothesay Cycle 20 miles
16-Aug-06 Lowthers
9-Aug-06 Hunterian Museum
2-Aug-06 East Mount Lowther and Enterkin Pass
28-Jun-06 River Ayr, Sorn - Catrine
21-Jun-06 Lanfine Estate, Darvel
14-Jun-06 Ben A'an
7-Jun-06 Ballantrae
31-May-06 Durisdeer Scaw'd Law
24-May-06 Falls of Clyde
17-May-06 Knock Hill, Largs
10-May-06 Loch trool
26-Apr-06 Deil's back door
19-Apr-06 Blacksidend from Catrine
29-Mar-06 Byne Hill Grey Hill Girvan
22-Mar-06 Blackcraig 4 tops in snow
15-Mar-06 Auchincruive
8-Mar-06 Linlithgow Loch and Union Canal
1-Mar-06 Darvel - Loudoun Hill
23-Feb-06 Loch Doon
11-Jan-06 Cumbrae
4-Jan-06 Moniaive
21-Dec-05 Châtelherault
15-Dec-05 Auchinleck Estate
30-Nov-05 Durisdeer
16-Nov-05 Culter Fell