Thursday, 28 April 2016

Even More Pictures from the Four Lochs

Loch Doon from the Loch Fynlas road-end

Kenny aproaching the highest point of the day

Paul and Rex take in the view over two of the four lochs

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

More Images from the 4 Lochs walk

Arrangements for 4th May.

Forth Road Bridge Walk.

Meet 10.30 at Dalmeny Station.
The plan is to take the 10.56 train to Dalgety Bay arriving 11.06 then walk back to Dalmeny Station  along the Fife coastal walk and over the Forth road bridge..

27 April 2016 - Four Lochs Walk, photos

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Not Arran Or 'Why the blazes do we listen to weather forecasts'

Davie C, Davie Mc, Gus, Ian, Jim, Jimmy, Kenny, Malcolm, Rex, & Robert

Oh, Ye of little faith.

   For the second week in a row our trip to Arran was cancelled. Due to a dodgy weather forecast a decision was taken to postpone this trip and go to the Greenock Cut instead – not to everybody’s approval though. ‘Aye, I’ll go but ye cannae make me enjoy it!’ was the comment of one.
   However, to the Greenock Cut we went. This walk has been described many times before in these pages and so needs no further description here. Suffice to say that in order to make it more appealing to the grumpy, we decided to do it in a clockwise direction rather than our usual way. The threatened rain stayed away and at times the sun blinked though spotlighting the landscape and we were treated to some superb views across the Clyde to the Argyll and Dunbartonshire hills, the Arrochar group being pointed out by He who knows these things. Coffee was taken in our usual lunch stop and lunch was had in our usual coffee halt. Who says we are creatures of habit?
   The walk took us barely three and a half hours and we were ensconced in the Village Inn in Fairly before two for FRT. And the forecasted rain? It never appeared and the day was fine but cold. So, perhaps next week we will get to Arran. Watch this space!

Monday, 18 April 2016

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Views from the Greenock Cut 13th April 2016

Arrangements for Wed 20th April

Meet at 9a.m. In A.S.D.A. Car park Ardrossan. Good weather head for the Arran boat. Poor weather decide in the car park where to walk. I hope the forecast is good because auld Davie will have a petted lip all day if not on Arran.

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Smugglers' Trail 6 April

Allan, Davie C, Gus, Ian, Jim, Jimmy, Kenny T, Malcolm, Paul, Robert

 The decision not to go to Arran today was a wise one as, when we met at Dundonald Castle, there was a steady drizzle and the sky showed little signs of brighter weather. Malcolm had organised, with Ann, a tour of the wee museum in the visitors centre followed by access to the castle and this was well received by the guys who were suitably impressed. Following this, as the rain continued to fall, we had coffee in the centre whilst trying to avoid asking certain members about any recent success of a certain minor league team (Paul’s picture says it all).
As usual Robert was keen to make a start, although it was a close run thing as to whether we would just adjourn to Wetherspoon’s, and so we set off just after eleven o’clock in light rain. We made good progress up through the woods, although we had forgotten that there was a steep hill to climb before we had really got into our stride. Having passed by the reservoir we stopped at the road end to take stock. The decision was to continue rather than curtail the walk and so we made our way out through Loans and up to the turn-off to the path to Fullarton Woods. By this time the rain was heavier, but by the time we reached our lunch spot at Fullarton House, it had eased considerably and by the time we made the golf course it was dry and was to remain so for the duration. The course itself was devoid of any golfers and the thought was that it was maybe closed whilst preparations were being made for the Open as we could see lots of equipment stacked up. The walk along the beach was notable for the amount of creamy foam, stirred up by the waves, that was lying on the sand and although the tide was in it did not hamper us. Turning off the beach and taking the path behind the dunes, the ex K.A. boys were delighted to meet a former colleague, Lesley, who was out walking with a friend and who was just as happy to meet up with the guys again.
Just under three hours after starting out we took FRT at McKay’s where the barmaid could not have been more helpful. In the end we had a much better day than we could have hoped for given the weather forecast.

6 April - Smugglers' Trail

If you go down to Fullarton Woods today you're sure of a big surprise....