Thursday, 3 March 2016

Falls of Clyde 2 March

Allan, Davie C, Davie Mc, Gus, Ian, Jim, Malcolm, Paul

We enjoyed Kay and Davie’s hospitality in Darvel, many thanks again folks, before setting out for Kirkfieldbank. A particular delight was Davie’s ‘homemade’ biscuits. So good were they that we decided that he would be the sole nominee for this year’s Earlyooters Masterbaker Award!
The weather was dry and reasonably bright as we set off in, wait for it, an anticlockwise direction, with the intention of getting the muddy bit done first. It was indeed muddy but never to the extent it was an issue and good progress was made. The recent rains meant that we anticipated some spectacular scenes as the Clyde passed over the falls and we were not disappointed. Stopping for coffee at the wee viewpoint overlooking the river, time was taken for many a photo. And as we progressed up the path there were frequent stops for views and photos.

The guys receive a blessing!

The dug
We didn’t stop at the dam but made our way back down to New Lanark for lunch. Disappointingly, light rain had begun to fall spoiling what had been an otherwise cracking morning. The final part of the walk down the Clyde Walkway was made without delay, other than Derval Davie taking Jim up to the log sculptures to show him his etchings, allegedly! The rest of us, having seen these before, waited, patiently on the path.
As we reached the cars, the rain got slightly heavier, so little time was lost in getting changed and on our way. The walk had taken three and a half hours, give or take, and as luck would have it, the weather dried up as we were leaving Kirkfieldbank.
We stopped for FRT at the Loudoun Hill Inn but it did not possess a drinks licence, although it had been applied for apparently. Next stop was the Railway in Darvel, but it was shut. Hence we had to settle for the Crown in Newmilns for drinks.

Onwards and upwards

How many photos do we need to take?

A mist of spray blankets the falls

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