Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Willowbank Challenge

Thank you from the Management Team of “Friends Of Willowbank” and from me.

You will remember a fundraising event I have been taking part in over the past year to raise funds for the children of Willowbank Special School in Kilmarnock where my granddaughter, Emma, is a pupil.  The event was called the “Willowbank Challenge” and it involved 100 volunteers, each in their own way, raising £100 to help the pupils who all have complex and life altering disabilities. The £10,000 raised was to then form the foundation for other normal annual fundraising events throughout the session. The event was scheduled to finish at the end of June 2018.

This letter is to update you on my progress and to express my thanks and the thanks of the “Friends of Willowbank” for the considerate way you responded to my plea. You will remember that to raise money I undertook to do jobs for any person who would hire me, and they in return sponsored me at a rate of £7.50 per hour. Over the year I have undertaken lots of different jobs, and received lots of donations to this worthy cause. Your response has been outstanding. When I worked I was rewarded well above the agreed rate and those persons who didn’t have any jobs gave generous donations to the cause.

The “challenge” finished on the last day of June and whilst I tried to raise £100 at this date, with money still coming in, I have now raised over £850.

My wife, Ann, was also participating. She did this by clearing our loft spaces, and sending some items to auction, and selling all the other items at a car boot sale at Ayr. She has raised £750.

The project as a whole is still receiving monies as it comes to an end, and to date has raised nearly £25,000.

You have been part of a huge success story and have thoughtfully provided support for those children who can do little to help themselves.

I thank you again for your support with this cause.

Alan Stewart

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jmatt said...

Heart warming, you do us all proud.
Always in our thoughts.