Monday, 12 March 2012

22 February - Neilston Pad

The problem with writing up a blog of a walk, three weeks after the event, is that at an advanced age one tends to forget virtually everything about the walk.

And so it is with the Neilston Pad walk.

Paul, Rex, Allan, Johnny, Ian, Ronnie, Robert, Andy, Davie Mac and Alan might have been present.

It was definitely wet and windy.

The views from Neilson Pad (an old volcanic plug) are said to be stunning, with a 360 degree panorama of the area. Unfortunately your scribe doesn't remember seeing anything apart from low cloud.

This would be a good walk on a good day. This wasn't a good day.

Refreshments were taken at the Travellers' Rest in Neilston. The welcome was warm but the beer wasn't up to much!

A short walk was opted for so that we could prepare for the curry and the sloe gin tasting at Ronnie's. It was generally agreed all the sloe gin entries were of a high standard this year and Ian walked away with yet another splendid trophy worthy of his victory. Thank you again Ronnie for your hospitality.

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