Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Greenock Cut Wed. 7th March.

Part 1
We got a few strange looks and one enquiry as the stricken four huddled at the entrance to the public toilet to shelter from the frequent violent and squally winter showers. Around 1130 a breakdown truck arrived and sedately navigated the Brisbane Glen south to Largs, then on to Irvine to drop off Allan, Malcolm and Johnny. Rex, no doubt, continued to enjoy the company of our young rescuer from the RAC(subcontracted) who made a necessarily slow trip pass in jig time. Another ooters' day to remember. Allan missed a walk on the flat. We four missed the pub chat and FRT. Surely the day can only get better. A curry beckons. I wait with no little anticipation. Johnny
Part 2
Alan's birthday celebrations - curry did not disappoint and company excelled. Alan received the ooters' good wishes, wine and hospitality and most generously responded with loadsa drink later in the pub. I include three pictures - I've added a few more words to the thousand - hope it helps the meaning of each. A - Party B - Strange sky C - reason I might miss a few walks

Reduced numbers mainly due to a broken spring on Rex's car.
Approximately 50 canada geese grazing in the field.

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